Mayfield Electric & Water Systems Now Offers Online Service Orders

February 21, 2013

Mayfield Electric and Water Systems strives to deliver the best possible customer service. One way we achieve this is by making it easier for our customers to access information related to their accounts. MEWS' website,, offers customers the opportunity to access deposit information, cur-rent rates, our latest tweets, rules and regulations, service policies, archived newsletters, photo galleries, commu-nity involvement, energy and water conservation material and much, much more. One of the major website uses includes viewing and paying customer bills online.

MEWS has recognized the need for our customers to have the ability to gain access to account information, turn in service requests and pay bills outside normal business hours due to schedule conflict, physical impairment or lack of transportation. In order to accommodate these customers, MEWS has added a new feature to our website: Online Service Requests. Through this tab, located at the top of the webpage and under QuickLinks, MEWS customers will be able to send service orders to our office without making a special trip to our office or dialing a telephone. Customers can report water leaks, request street light and security light maintenance, request sewer maintenance and report damaged meters. One major service that customers have been requesting is the ability to turn off services online. With the new feature, MEWS will be able to fulfill those requests.

Once a customer makes a service order request, their computers' IP address will be logged and an email verifica-tion of the request will be sent to the customer. These online service requests are recommended for non-emergency request only. If you need immediate assistance after hours, you should call our after hours line at 270-247-3531 to reach our answering service. They will dispatch an employee immediately.

MEWS customers will still be required to come into our offices to turn on or transfer services from one address to another because the customers' identity must be verified using a photo ID and social security card. This keeps the MEWS customers' risk of fraud to a minimum when requesting utility services.