Local support is available for problems that might arise with your service. Should the problem be related to our service, or to our equipment, no charge will be assessed to the customer.

Before you call for help check below for answers to many common internet problems.

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Wireless Internet

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based on your internet speed)


Set-up and networking. Internet Installation (599K)


Unable to connect? Intermittent connection? Router not working? Find out what to do. Internet Troubleshooting (1.2M)


Service Packages and System requirements.  

E-mail and Spam


Get the settings and information you need to configure your e-mail client (such as Outlook). E-mail Installation (284K)


Get information on how to use MayfieldEWS Wireless Webmail. Webmail Instructions (210K)

How to Report Spam

If you are receiving spam e-mail that MayieldEWS Wireless Spam Control is not identifying (tagging or deleting) as spam, please let us know so we can help ensure this does not reoccur.  


What to do if you have problems receiving e-mail, you're unable to locate or find a server, have bad/invalid passwords,  or undeliverable e-mail.  E-mail Troubleshooting (219K)


Webmail, Setting up Outlook Express/Outlook and Making spam/password changes to your e-mail account.  



Download common security programs.  


What to do about problems viewing Web pages, removing infected files and more.  


Get information on how you can protect your computer from viruses and spyware.  

Technical Support

For technical support, send an e-Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 1-877-247-4661

Billing Support

For billing inquiries, send an e-Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call (270) 247-4661

MEWS posts information and notifications through Social Media during normal business hours (7am to 4:30pm), Twitter and Facebook are online tools that can help connect Mayfield Electric & Water Systems effectively communicate with our customers. These tools can be used to quickly share information with people interested in our utility. Social media allows our customers to stay connected with us and receive minute-by-minute information about what’s going on with our utilities during normal business hours. There will be updates on power outages, water main breaks, boil water advisories, and traffic alerts due to maintenance. All customers do not follow MEWS on social media therefore we utilize the One Call System, local radio stations, or possibly door to door notifications when feasible. MEWS also uses social media to share information on energy and water conservation, preparedness, tips on how to lower your bill and information on special services and programs we offer to our customers.