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Residential Deposits are based on a utility credit check. New- service applicants who pose no risk will be charged no deposit. New-service applicants who pose minimal risk will be charged a $200.00 electric deposit and 50.00 water deposit where applicable. New-service applicant who pose substantial credit risk will be charged a $300.00 electric deposit and a $100.00 water deposit where applicable.

All smartpay new and existing customers are required to buy $100 worth of utilities to start their Smartpay Account. All Customers will be required to pay a $20 connection fee in addition to the $100, for a total of $120.

Graves County Water District required deposits and fees:

Water Deposit $50.00
Connection Fee $25.00
Fancy Farm Sewer Deposit $70.00
Remote Sewer Treatment Deposit $40.00


By checking below, I (we) would like to become a customer(s) of Mayfield Electric and Water Systems. And I (we) understand that before service can be given, the described and respective charges for Residential service, including Prepay, must be paid. I (we) understand that if the service location has been vacant for a year or more that an electrical inspection is required before service can be connected.

A MEWS Customer Service Representative will contact you by phone for Social Security Number and deposit amount before service can be connected.

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