On Sunday, November 4th, Daylight Savings Time will fall back one hour. When changing your clocks it is also a great time to change the batteries in your smoke detector. Replacing old batteries with fresh, high quality batteries keep your smoke alarms ready to protect you and your precious loved ones all year long. According to the National Fire Protection Association, 71 percent of smoke alarm failures were caused by missing, disconnected or dead batteries. To protect your family make sure smoke alarms are installed in every room and batteries are changed at least once a year.

Test alarms at least once a month by pushing the test button. If a smoke alarm chirps, warning your battery is low, replace the battery right away. Another good reminder is to clean your smoke alarms, remove any dust or cobwebs from your smoke alarm, to help remain sensitive and ready to protect.

Most importantly, make sure you plan and practice your escape route. Children are at an increased risk during a home fire, because they often become scared and are unaware of what to do. Make sure your children know the sound of your smoke alarm and know how to get out if they sound. Always have two escape routes from every room and ensure every family member is aware of the plan. When a fire occurs, don’t delay get out quick and stay out!
If smoke alarms are older than 10 years, it is important to replace existing alarms with new smoke alarms. This includes hardwired alarms with a battery back-up system.

Another safety tip is to remember to change the batteries in your flashlights and keep them in working condition. Making sure your emergency flashlights are in working condition when you need them will help prevent injury in an event. Keep a flashlight near your bed, kitchen, basement, and family room year-round.

These fire safety tips can help protect you and your loved ones. Remember, when changing your clock, change your smoke detector batteries, cover your evacuation route, check flashlights, and batteries.

Mayfield Electric & Water Systems hosted a back to school give-a-way for customers who registered for a free online usage monitoring account. Mrs. Kayla Cole was the lucky winner of our backpack filled with school supplies. Congratulations Kayla, we hope the children returning to school enjoy their prize!

For more than 40 years the American Water Works Association and its members have celebrated National Drinking Water Week during the first full week of May. This week provides unique opportunities for both water professionals and the communities they serve to join together in recognizing the vital role water plays in our daily lives.

Mayfield Electric & Water Systems’ and TVA proudly made it possible for Mayfield Middle School students to attend the Challenger Learning Center in Paducah, Ky. The Challenger Learning Center is part of a network of centers around the world promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education for a learning experience beyond the classroom. These students were able to participate in hands on science experiments and team building activities in order to complete their mission to the moon. The mission was a complete success, allowing 127 students to attend. The students said the experience was both challenging and fun!

Mayfield Electric & Water Systems, the Graves County Water District, and our participating customers are proud to present the Mayfield-Graves County Need line and Food Panty with a contribution amount of $2,009.29 through our customer round up program. The picture to the right shows Customer Service Representative, Meagan Arnold presenting the 2017 contributions to Director Jackie Herndon and Board Member Bob Sims. The program rounds participants utility bills to the next highest dollar and the change collected is distributed to the Mayfield–Graves County Need Line and Food Pantry. The money collected goes right back into our OWN community to have an immediate impact on our neighbors and friends. Any customer who would like to participate in our Round-Up program stop by our office and get signed up today. Your small change can make a big difference!