Effective July 2013


Wastwater Rate Schedule
Residential $35.34 per month
Residential w/Grinder Pump $34.34 per month
Fancy Farm School $35.34 per residential equivalent


Special Non-Recurring Charges
Residential Deposits $70.00
Commercial Deposits Based on the average bill of similiar customers and premises in the system. Deposit shall not exceed 2/12 of the customer's estimated annual bill.
3" Meter Deposits $1500.00
Connection Charge $25.00
Reconnection Charge $25.00
Returned Check Charge $25.00
Service Charge $25.00
After Hours Charge $100.00
Late Payment Notice Charge $2.00
Late Payment Charge 10%
Tampering Fee $50.00
Pressure Reducing Charge $300.00
Meter Relocation Fee Actual Cost
Damaged Meter Fee Actual Cost
Damaged Radio Read Device Actual Cost
Tap on Fee - 5/8" - 3/4" Meter $800.00
1" Meter $800.00


All larger meters require approval by the utility board and, if approved, will be installed at actual cost.